Did you know: that military and civilian medals are widely collected just like coins and stamps? That medals have been issued on nearly every level of government through out the world including semi-official and private organizations? In the United States we have a system of Federal awards and that all of the fifty states also have  varying numbers of current and obsolete awards? Starting after the Civil War many states and cities issued their own war service and welcome home medals to their veterans? That the collecting of medals and awards is a legal  way of preserving history and honoring the memory of those who have earned the awards?  That is the purpose of this blog. I will start the ball rolling with the newest book in the medals field, ” Wisconsin Military and Civil Medals” by Fred J. Borgmann  which is hot off the press and will debute at the Orders and Medals Society of America in Milwaukee, Wisconsin August 8-12.  Feel free to ask questions any time.  Fred